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Direct to Consumer

Over the past 5 years, the ManuCo Group has evolved from a single-product shop to an international e-commerce company with locations in Europe (Berlin) and the US (Miami). As an online sales expert, we focus on the development and marketing of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. Today, we have many strong private labels under our umbrella. The successful combination of different digital distribution channels such as self-owned online brand shops, marketplaces (such as Amazon, ebay and Co) and social media commerce enables the ManuCo Group to revolutionize e-commerce step by step.

For the next 5 years, our goal is to establish ourselves as one of the leading D2C providers. We will achieve this goal through the consistent expansion of our multi-channel sales and continuous expansion of our innovative product portfolio. The ManuCo Group relies on profitable organic growth as well as selected M & A activities and strategic partnerships with specialist manufacturers in both Germany and abroad.

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Manuco Group – a holistic approach to Direct to Consumer brands

Market analysis & product development

New sales concepts and innovative product ideas are analyzed for their potential in the market and then developed on the basis of customer needs.

Icon Zulieferernetzwerk
Global supplier network for international purchasing

Centralized purchasing pools demand; regular exchange with sales and product development; Global network of suppliers, enabling synergies and cost reduction.

Lager & Logistik
Warehousing and Logistics

Scalable and cost efficient warehouse infrastructure that enables fast international eCommerce commerce while being agile enough to respond to the rapidly changing needs of eCommerce trading.

Plattform Commerce
Platform Commerce

Innovative state-of-the-art performance marketing activities across platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon to build targeted, cost efficient and continuous customer base of our D2C brands.

Brand Social Media Marketing
Brand and Social Media Marketing

eCommerce without the presence on the big traffic strong platforms like Amazon and eBay is unthinkable today. For this reason, the ManuCo Group has specialized in using the full range of possibilities for distribution on these platforms in order to increase the awareness and the sales figures of our products at home and abroad.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

Strong brands and a high social media presence make it possible to attract new customers to products and build long-term customer relationships. The ManuCo Group therefore invests heavily in building its own brands through brand and social media channels.

Technische eCommerce Infrastruktur
Technical eCommerce Infrastructure

Online brand shops play a central role in the success of eCommerce. We have therefore developed a scalable and cost-efficient webshop infrastructure that enables us to network our online stores in the shortest possible time.

Customer Service

Satisfied customers are the basis for sustainable business growth. Our friendly customer service ensures fast and uncomplicated handling of customer inquiries. To further develop our products based on customer needs, the ManuCo Group conducts regular customer surveys.


Working capital financing (warehouse financing) is a common problem for traders in eCommerce. We have developed an innovative financing solution that allows us to grow carefree. We can now offer this financing option to other dealers with very attractive terms and low risk.

Our philosophy – the foundation stone of our success

Many different factors contribute to the success of the ManuCo Group. However, a team of highly motivated experts from the various fields, a diversified and constantly growing portfolio of innovative products and a mature multi-channel distribution form the foundation for the rise of the company. Flat hierarchies, high flexibility and pragmatic management enable the ManuCo Group to master the challenges of the fast-moving online business and to sustainably develop and grow the company.

The ManuCo Group has advanced to an expert in online trading through its special core processes: from the conception of its own brands through the identification and production of our innovative products based on our demanding standards to the placement in global marketplaces. The entire logistics of the products and an international after-sales service are also part of our core business and subject of our continuous process optimization.

Our Brands

Gourmesso Logo


Compatible coffee capsules
for Nespresso machines

Glorybrew Logo


Compatible coffee capsules for Keurig machines

Barista Moments Logo


Compatible coffee capsules for Dolce Gusto machines

Amazy Logo


Trend products for household, hobby and kids

Lineavi Logo


Natural nutrition supplement

High Pulse Logo


High quality sports products

Eberbart Logo


Everything about the beard

Bella & Balu Logo


Animal products for the modern household

Nutrani Logo


Dietary supplements for animals

Unsere Werte

Die Arbeit und der Erfolg der ManuCo GmbH werden zum großen Teil auch durch die Unternehmenswerte geprägt. Gelebt von allen Mitarbeitern fungieren sie als Leitmotive für sämtliche Entscheidungen auf operativer, taktischer und strategischer Ebene. Nur wer ein festes Ziel im Blick und klare Regeln hat, kann auch erfolgreich werden.

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